The Lake

I was inspired to write this poem one November morning in 1995 as I drove to work, thinking what a lucky man I was to have recently met Sherry, my loving and awesome wife. My route those days took me past Decker Lake (near Austin), and on this cool morning a mist was gently rising from the still water. As I passed a cove near the road, I saw a fish jump, and a new poem for Sherry began to wander through my mind. I was writing lots of poems in those days; most of them for and inspired by her. The prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub today is asking for poems about bodies of water, so hear ya go.


The Lake


As I watch the steam rise from the lake misty lake

I think of the sweet love we made

We lay there, our bodies cooling

Like a runner who’s stopped in the shade


The water is smooth and it glistens

In the early morning sun

Like your eyes as you gaze up at me

Telling me I’m the only one


A fish jumps, the silence is broken

You sigh as you lay in my arms

Ripples spread in widening circles

I feel the flutter of your quick beating heart


Water laps soft on the shore now

I hear the soft call of a dove

As I drift off into slumber

You whisper sweet dreams, my love


In a few moments the water is still

The lake again calm and serene

You sleep with your head on my shoulder

My eyes close, I slip into dreams


Copyright © 1995 C. Mashburn



  1. nice….how peaceful to make love by the river and just fall asleep on its banks in the warmth of the sun…love the intimacy…the gazing up….that passes between them….good to see you man…

  2. Ah, just lovely Charles – a favorite of yours. I love the back and forth of the moments and the reverie and the reverential moments. Thanks much for participating in the prompt and your lovely piece. Congratulations on your wonderful marriage also. k.

  3. Charles, you old romantic you! Any woman would be thrilled to have such a poem written just for her.

  4. howanxious said

    beautiful and romantic… nice read.

  5. dottylizzy said

    This is beautiful.

  6. Mary said

    This is romantically beautiful, Charles…..a loving moment remembered & shared.

  7. What a sweet and tender write ~ sighs ~

  8. adopted80 said

    Hey Charlie, this poem is Beautiful !

    • Thanks, Bart! Good to hear from you!

      • adopted80 said

        It’s good to be back, been too long. I haven’t written any new poetry yet ,but have written kind of like a devotional. If you could read it would you give me your thoughts . Great talking to you again Charlie. Thanks for not giving up on me.Blessings


      • Your devotional looks good, Bart. I made some comments on your blog. Keep at it!

  9. That is so lovely!

  10. A lovely poem, finding the one and finding that calm in your life like the lake…great how it all comes together. Lovely Charles 🙂

  11. aka_andrea said

    such a tender moment, captured beautifully. love the rhythm is this piece, so like the lapping of the waves.

    • Thanks, Andrea! I have to agree, the rhythm does seem to mimic the soft waves lapping at the shore.

  12. kim said

    Deep sweet love. Nothing like it.

  13. Akila said

    Peaceful and bliss!

  14. It makes my heart melt to see poems written by men for the ladies in their life – this is no exception. It was beautiful and heartfelt.

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