We’re Out of Turkey! ~ July 31

We’re Out of Turkey!

But we have ham!

The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus. 1Timothy 1:14

This is the last day of the Thanksgiving in July theme (I promise!). But abundance is what it’s all about, so it seemed only fitting to talk about it in relation to today’s verse. The abundance of food we center Thanksgiving around is indeed wonderful, and I am truly grateful for it, but grace is the first thing we should have on our list to be thankful for.     

Abundance is defined as: large amount, excess and surplus. When it comes to grace, faith and love, God has drenched us with all three and poured them over us in such large quantities we aren’t able to absorb them. If we can grasp this reality—this enormity of what He has given us—we will be in awe of His unconditional love.

And one of the key things we need to grasp is we did nothing to earn or deserve His abundant grace, faith and love. He didn’t give us those things because we are perfect and because we obey all the rules. He gave us those things simply because he loves us, and we are His children.

Thank you, Lord, for your abundant love.

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