What Did He Say!? ~ August 13

What Did He Say!?

He said, do the right thing

Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God. 1 John 3:21

My translation of this verse: Do the right thing.

Many times we are faced with tough decisions, and we’re uncertain of our choice. In most all of those occasions, we immediately know what we should do, but we’re afraid of the reaction our action might cause. We might be afraid of what people will think, or that it will hurt us in some way, but nonetheless, our decision is made difficult by fear.

In most cases—certainly not all—our first instinct is our conscience, and I’ve found that first instinct usually turns out to be the right choice. If we focus on God and seek His counsel in our lives and decisions, we’ll make good decisions by following our heart. But, unfortunately, our minds get involved, and things get complicated. We begin to over think things, and while our heart tugs us in the way we should go, our minds argue to go another route.

Sometimes the right decision won’t be the most popular one, but doing the right thing is often easier on our heart than doing the wrong thing and trying to justify it.

When tough decisions are before you, turn to God and seek His advice; if you hear a still, small voice coming from your heart—that’s Him.


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