Appearances Can Be Deceiving ~ August 19

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

It’s what’s inside that matters

Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure. 1John 3:3

We’re all sinners, and most of the time, that fact is pretty obvious. While we may have faith and hope on the inside, our actions and appearance can often be deceiving.

I think of the character from the Charlie Brown comic strip, Pig Pen. He was depicted as a happy-go-lucky youngster who was constantly covered in dirt and actually emitted a cloud of dust wherever he went. But I always got the impression Pig Pen was totally at peace and didn’t have a care in the world. He knew on the inside, he was as pure as pure could be, so it didn’t matter how dirty he appeared to be.

Pig Pen didn’t do bad things or get into trouble; he just didn’t care how dirty he got while he went about doing the things kids do. I think he probably had a mom who didn’t scold him for getting dirty; she just cleaned him up and sent him out to play again, knowing he would come back needing to be cleaned up again.

That’s how God is with us. He knows this world will cover us in its muck and mire each day, but He’s always there to wash away the dust and grime if we put our hope in Him and return to His loving arms.

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