Foobaw 2013 ~ Muleshoe, Texas??

Foobaw 2013 ~ The Drive!

Day One ~ Muleshoe, Texas??

Then! After we filled the car with fuel, it almost didn’t start. It did one of those eeer-uhh, eer-uhh eeeer-uhhh things, and then, much to my relief, fired up. Thing is, I knew the battery was getting weak, and should have replaced it prior to starting this long trip. But, nooooo, Charlie figured it would be okay, and headed out on a 2000 mile journey with a suspect battery under the hood.

So! We began looking for an auto parts store that would install a battery for us (I have no tools in the car), and that turned into another adventure. Sherry finally called her friend and fellow city secretary, LeAnn Gallman, in Muleshoe, Texas, and her husband, David, made some calls and found an auto parts store that could help us out. LeAnn and David even met us at the store, and we had a wonderful visit while the battery was being installed, after which we rewarded their kindness with a couple jars of my homemade jam and apple butter. I gave one to the owner of the parts store, too! I’m quite generous with Bill and Nathan’s apple butter and jam. 🙂

But we made it to Albuquerque, and I have a little more to add to day one, so I’ll be back later today!

Me & the Mule!

Me & the Mule!


  1. Ken Mashburn said

    You should stand at the other end next time you take a picture like this! Couldn’t really tell where one ended and the other started if ya get my drift! Safe trip bro! Cheers Ken

    • We took one with me at the other end, and the mayor got pretty hot about it. Said one stubborn sumthin or other was enough in his one mule town.

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