Foobaw 2013 ~ Wide Open Spaces!

Foobaw 2013 ~ The Drive!

Day One ~ Wide Open Spaces!


Day one was a day filled with sagebrush and sunshine, but in its own special way, the countryside we traveled through is beautiful. Flat, and sometimes lonely, the wide open spaces were an awe-inspiring sight to see.

Our first full day was not without its adventures, and the first one started when we left Abilene this morning. We had over half a tank of gas, and I gave it no thought, thinking we would stop and fill up somewhere down the road. Here’s a little hint; if your headed toward Lubbock on Highway 84, fill up before you leave Abilene.

We did pass a couple of places we could’ve filled the tank, but “we” J zipped right past them. Bad decision! About the time I decided we needed to stop at the next available gas station, they ceased to be available, and by the time we got to Post, Texas, the gauge was bottomed out and I had a pretty good grip on the seat, (if you know what I mean). But! We made it!

Then! After we filled the car with fuel, it almost didn’t start. …. To be continued!




  1. This road trip is dear to my heart … went to TTU in the mid 70s & this was my route from central Texas to Lubbock when I could afford to come home for a visit … starving grad student & .50 gas … those were the days!!!

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