Foobaw 2013 ~ Let There Be Lunch!

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Two!

Arizona ~ Let There Be Lunch!

The morning took us west toward Arizona, and the scenery was immediately startling in its awesome beauty. I told Sherry it seems to me the sunshine in New Mexico is brighter than most places, and she was inclined to agree.

Our first stop was just east of Gallup at a trading post on the Continental Divide. We took some fantastic pictures there, but this one is my favorite:

Indivisible at the continental divide

Indivisible at the continental divide

But then, some of the others were outstanding as well, and here’s a good one:



Our goal for the morning on day two was lunch, and to find a restaurant where we could enjoy an Indian/Navajo taco, which is basically like any other taco, except it’s served on Indian fry bread instead of a corn or flour tortilla. Indian fry bread is awesome! We finally spotted a billboard advertising the desire of our tummies, and took the exit, only to be greeted by a “Closed on Sunday” sign. Dang! Undaunted, nor swayed, we continued our quest, and were ultimately rewarded when we found a tourist trap… er… uh… a trading post with a restaurant that served up the delicacy you see in the following picture. YUM!



I’ll be back with more about day two in a bit. Right now, I need a nap!



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