Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five ~ Big Sky! Little Troubles!

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five!

Big Sky! Little Troubles!

Undaunted by my little scheduling blip, and after about an hour and a half of backtracking, we were back on schedule and headed north to Montana. And it seemed the minute we entered the state, it was suddenly obvious why they call it the “big sky” country.

Montana ~ Big Sky Country!

Montana ~ Big Sky Country!

The day became a bit more interesting just before we crossed into Montana, when we re-entered the highway after a brief pit stop. The speedometer developed a strange glitch; it said we were going 115 miles per hour! We knew that wasn’t the case, because it just didn’t feel like we were going fast, and on top of that, other cars were zipping past us like we were going backward.

Get outta my way!

Get outta my way!

We settled in with the flow of the other cars, did a time test to see how fast we were going (1 mile in 48 seconds = 75 MPH), and set the cruise control when we determined we were going the legal speed.

Later, we stopped for gas, and when we got back on the highway, the speedometer was still messed up, but said we were going 95 instead of 115. And then….

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