Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five ~ Uh-Oh! Wrong “Falls”!

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five!

Uh-Oh! Wrong “Falls”

Lesson learned; don’t make hotel reservations when it’s two hours past your bedtime, and you’re not even sure what time zone you’re in!

That’s what I did Monday night from our room in Green River, Utah. I made reservations for a room in what I thought was “Idaho” Falls, Idaho, but realized the next day when we were going through Salt Lake City that I’d reserved a room in “Twin” Falls, Idaho! Doh! Fortunately, the two aren’t that far apart (all things considered) and we were able to backtrack on day five and see the sights we’d hoped to see on our final full day of this driving adventure.

Anybody know what time it is??

Anybody know what time it is??

Anyhow, we  got an early start on day five, made it to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho by 5PM, and that leaves us a short three hour drive to Bill’s house the morning of day six. We’re almost there!



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