Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five ~ Window Falls, Idaho?

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Five!

Window Falls, Idaho?

Y’all ain’t gonna believe this! I’m still scratching my head, and Sherry’s still rubbing hers.

We checked into our hotel at the end of day five’s drive, and were quite pleased with the accommodations; especially the view of the gorgeous river out our back window. There was even a little patio out back.

Evening 5 backyard!

Evening 5 backyard!

After we took in the view for a few minutes, Sherry went back in to turn the A/C down—it was warm in the room—and I followed her back into the room. She was bent over adjusting the controls on the wall unit A/C, and when I shut the door, the window fell on her head. I ain’t kidding!

Luckily, the heavy curtain and curtain liner was closed, and it softened the blow. She’s fine (no dizzier than before), but the hotel staff is pretty shook up. Four ladies responded immediately to my call to the front desk, and they were flitting around, spewing apologies, and waving their arms like a New York traffic cop.

Window Falls, Idaho?

Window Falls, Idaho?

Later, while taking a walk along the beautiful river, we ran into the marina/restaurant manager , and having heard about our “incident”, he offered his profuse apologies, and assured us we would receive a discount should we decide to have dinner in the hotel restaurant. Discount? I was thinking full comp meal!

No problem! Day six coming up, and we’re off to see son Bill!

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