Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Seven! ~ How Ya Like Me Now!?

Foobaw 2013 ~ Day Seven!

How Ya Like Me Now!?

After watching Nathan play football last night it’s hard to even concentrate on the other stuff from day seven of our trip!

But, Bill, Sherry, and I went over to the little tourist town of Leavenworth yesterday, and it was pretty cool! It’s basically the Fredricksburgh, Texas of Washington. We had a brat with sourkraut and all the fixins for lunch, bought gifts for the G-kids back home, and I got a new hat!

How ya like me now?!

How ya like me now?!


One of the shops had a bunch of really good signs, and I want to share a couple of them with y’all—especially my dear cousin Brenda:

Peace does not mean

To be in a place

Where there is no noise

Trouble or hard work

It means to be

In the midst of those things

And still be calm in your heart


When it hurts to look back

And you’re afraid to look ahead

Look beside you, and there…

You will find your friends


I’d add “and family” to the last line.


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