Who’s In Charge Here?!? ~ September 20

Who’s In Charge Here?!?

He is!

Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more will we be saved from God’s wrath through him! Romans 5:9

I spent most of my career in construction as a leader—a foreman or superintendent—and was, in most instances, in direct control of what transpired on the various projects. Something I learned—or maybe it was just something I inherently knew—was that I was responsible; and therefore, I had to accept the responsibility for any mistakes made, regardless of who made them. I was in charge, and my opinion was if I were paying attention to every detail, I should catch the mistake before it was made. Many times I took the wrath upon myself, to the amazement of those who actually made the blunder. But! I usually let the one who made the mistake know I wasn’t pleased.

And there’s the big difference: I took the responsibility, but I passed the discomfort on to the one who blundered. Jesus took responsibility for our sins. ß period! He doesn’t condemn us, and when He gave His life for us, He did so, knowing His actions were forever, and there would be no do-over, or re-negotiating. He took responsibility for our sins upon Himself, placing us forever in His care and protection.

When I think about these things God has done for us I shake my head in wonder at a love so immense, so immeasurable, so forgiving, so… forever?


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