Fill ‘er Up, Joe! ~ September 26

Fill ‘er Up, Joe!

I really want to know!

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6

When things are unsettled in my mind, and self-condemnation begins to push me into the shadows of my mind, I know what I need. I don’t always go to the source and get it, but I always know what I’m lacking: Knowledge. God’s knowledge is what I hunger and thirst for at those times when my spirit is low, and I know if I seek Him, He will reveal it to me; if I seek Him wholeheartedly, I will be filled.

But, you say, the verse says “hunger and thirst for righteousness,” not knowledge.

Perhaps they are one and the same, and if not, one surely leads to the other. I contend if we seek God and His wisdom, He will reveal it to us, and we will begin to be more like Him. The more we learn—the more knowledge we gain—the more like Him we become, and who is more righteous than God?

I can’t imagine the “filled” Jesus speaks of, and I cannot comprehend being so filled with godly knowledge I become righteous. Is anyone righteous, other than God? Are we capable of being as righteous as God?

We should seek God’s knowledge—His righteousness—and find out how “full” we can get.

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