Okay, That Does It! ~ September 27

Okay, That Does It!

You’re outta here!

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 5:7

To be merciful is to withhold punishment when it is due, and if a person is meek, it’s only natural the same person would be merciful. If someone suffers injury with patience and understanding and seeks no revenge or retribution from the one who caused the injury, then that is being merciful. God was merciful toward us when He sent Jesus to take our sins upon Himself.

When someone wrongs us, and we forgive them, expecting nothing in return, we are showing mercy toward them. When we sin, it is injurious to God, and yet He forgives us each and is always merciful toward us.

Showing mercy to those we love comes rather easily, but being merciful toward someone we care very little for is more difficult. Sometimes, we can forgive someone we don’t love, but it usually involves putting some distance between us and them after forgiveness/mercy is given, and we quite often tend to want nothing more to do with someone who has caused us injury, even though we’ve forgiven them.

God loves us, and when He shows us mercy, He does not separate from us, but allows us to remain with Him. To me, this is the greatest blessing—God’s mercy, God’s love.

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