Romance, Anyone?

As those who know me might assume, romance novels are not my typical reading choice, but how could I not read this one? It features my poem, “Pennies From Heaven”!

However, that little bit of info aside, I truly enjoyed Kathryn Daugherty’s first novel. It’s a well told story about a young woman, Carol, who is fighting to retain custody of her nephew, Jeff. Her attorney is suspect at first, but turns out to be a great guy, and the thief of hearts in this book aptly titled, A Case of Hearts. That’s all I’m gonna tell ya about it, because if I blab too much I’ll spoil the reading of it for you!

I will tell you that Kathryn Daugherty is like me in that she never had a chance to go to college, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of being a published author. Circumstances gave her the time, and her determination made it happen!

If you like romance (this one isn’t gushy like some of them) read Kathryn’s great little book!

A Case of Hearts  A Case of Hearts cover

Pennies From Heaven ~ the poem

Pennies From Heaven ~ the story


  1. Sounds intriguing!

  2. Kathy said

    M.J.Joachim, you can find it on Amazon or Kathryn’s website

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