Why? ~ October 22


Does it really matter?

A time to be born.… Ecclesiastes 3:2

Our birth is not an accident; it was a part of God’s plan. Each breath we take, each step we make, is in His plan, not only for our life, but for mankind in general. Some may scoff at the concept of an omnipotent God, but I believe it is fact. I believe God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and best of all, all-loving.

Sometimes we ask why. Why was I born where I was born? Why was I born to these parents? Why did my parents give me up for adoption? Why did my parents get divorced? Our lives are filled with why’s. If you believe in God the way I have come to believe in Him, you tend to stop asking why—at least in the sense of why wasn’t it better—and begin to accept that all things in your life have taken place and will take place in God’s timing and in accordance with His plan.

God placed each of us in this world to do what He needs us to do. Whether we are born into poverty, mediocrity, or privilege, we were all born into His plan. And when we realize nothing about our lives is by chance—God is in control—we can know our birth and our existence have meaning and purpose.

God loves us! We’re a part of His plan!


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