Home-grown Tomatoes! ~ October 24

Home-grown Tomatoes!

Is it time to plant yet?!

A time to plant…. Ecclesiastes 3:2

Timing is important when it comes to gardening, and every spring I’m anxious to get my tomato plants in the ground so we can enjoy home-grown tomatoes as soon as possible. I have to be careful though, because if I plant too soon, and a late frost comes along, it will kill the plants, and I’ll have to start over.

We are similar when it comes to learning God’s ways and playing our part in His plan. God prepares us with the many and varied experiences He has laid before us, and He knows exactly when we’re ready for His knowledge and wisdom to be planted within us. He tills our hearts as a farmer tills the soil, preparing it for the seeds to be planted, and His timing is perfect. He created the seasons for the crops we grow, and He prepares our hearts with experiences, both good and bad, so when it is time to plant, we will be ready to receive. Because of God’s perfect timing, when our season to bear fruit comes, what we produce will be full of God’s love and will be sweet to those with whom we share it.

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