No One Knows What It’s Like ~ October 25

No One Knows What It’s Like

To be the bad man

A time to uproot…. Ecclesiastes 3:2

The instructions on a packet of seeds often say to “thin” the plants after they reach a certain stage in their growth. This is usually to allow the remaining plants room to grow and flourish. And, as the garden grows, it is necessary to pull the weeds that spring up around the plants, so that water and fertilizer can feed the good plants, not the weeds.

I recently heard a line from an old song which bemoans, “No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes,” and I told Sherry there were times in my younger days when I felt as though those words were written for me. I felt as though I was a bad man, and as a result, I was a very sad man.

When I was a young man, I felt like a weed in this garden of life, and often wondered what would become of me. I thank God for never giving up on me, and for uprooting me from the bad soil I’d fallen into. I thank Him for continuing to nurture and feed me, and I feel confident now that I will one day grow into the healthy, fruit-bearing, tree He planned for me to be.

All I want is… to be a good man.


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