I’m Healed! ~ October 27

I’m Healed!

In more ways than one!

And a time to heal. Ecclesiastes 3:3

I find it interesting that every good thing listed in verses two through eight of the third chapter of Ecclesiastes is countered with a bad thing. It’s difficult to be encouraging when talking about the bad stuff! Today, the subject is a really good one; healing.

There are three types of healing: emotional healing, physical healing, and spiritual healing. It is my opinion they are all intertwined and depend one upon the other. Our emotions can affect our physical body, and likewise, physical ailments can affect our emotional state. When we are sick, we tend to feel poorly emotionally, as well as physically.

I am convinced health and healing—both emotional and physical—are dependent upon a healthy spirit. When our spirit is strong, and our faith is the ruling force in our life, we will be healthier in all aspects. If our attitude is strong, we will be happy and active, both of which are conducive to good health.

It is always a time to heal. If you are ailing in any way, turn your focus on God and bask in the healing powers of His love. I guarantee He can cure what ails you!


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