Some Things Are Worth Fighting For ~ October 28

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

Others… not so much

A time to tear down…. Ecclesiastes 3:3

I read recently that one of the last remaining iconic structures of American sports—Wrigley Field, in Chicago—might be torn down. The owners of the stadium—home to the Chicago Cubs baseball team—believe the structure to be too costly to maintain and therefore it must be remodeled or replaced. Many fans and customers are outraged at the concept of changing or destroying their beloved Wrigley.

I find it interesting that people become so attached to buildings. I have fond memories of houses I’ve lived in and buildings of historical significance I’ve visited, but I’ve no need for them to remain in existence forever. In fact, I find it absurd we spend billions of dollars every year, sustaining historical buildings for the sole purpose of visiting and viewing them.

Things change and, oftentimes, our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs outlive their usefulness. And, sometimes, we find what we’ve always thought to be solid principle was actually false doctrine. Subtle changes to our way of seeing and doing things is usually sufficient, but other times, a complete demolition—a tearing down—and rebuilding is necessary. As I seek God and learn more about Him and His love for us, I am in a constant state of remodeling, sometimes tearing down and rebuilding. In order for us to be useful in God’s plan, we must trust Him to tear down the old and replace it with new as often as He finds it necessary.



  1. Colline said

    I am thankful, though, that some buildings have been preserved. I am thinking of the amazing Gothic churches I have seen in Europe, or even the Voortrekker Monument in South Africa. I enjoy visiting these buildings because of the architecture.

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