Please Excuse the Mess ~ October 29

Please Excuse the Mess

I’m under construction!

And a time to build. Ecclesiastes 3:3

For most of my adult life, my job was building buildings. It was a good job, and I enjoyed the challenges it provided me, but there came a point when the constant demands of schedule and budget control required by the process, wore me down. I could no longer justify the constant stress on my mind and body, so I left the commercial construction industry and was fortunate to find a job doing small scale construction and remodeling for a state agency. Much to my amazement, I soon found the smallness of the projects was a problem in that I was, to coin a popular euphemism, “overqualified”. The lack of challenge in the small projects caused me to feel bored and non-productive, and after several years of growing less and less enthused, I retired.

Then the real “building” began. My “job” became the writing of these encouragements. I had begun writing them while I was still working, but since I’ve retired, the writing of them has become my main focus. These days, I’m building a relationship with God, focusing on Him, and trusting He will mold me into the person he desires me to be. And, while I’m under construction, I hope I’m encouraging you and building you up with the things I write.


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