Sometimes We’ll Sigh ~ October 30

Sometimes We’ll Sigh

Sometimes we’ll cry

A time to weep…. Ecclesiastes 3:4

Sometimes we need to cry. When we hold things in, their importance swells and tends to expand beyond the reality of the pain. When we let ourselves experience the grief or pain and weep for our loss or discomfort, it cleanses us and often washes the hurt away.

I compare it to a broken water pipe. After a water pipe is repaired, it is usually necessary to flush it out. Dirt and air could have gotten in the pipe, and until they are purged, the water coming out of the pipe will contain things which will render it unfit to drink, and the air in the pipe will cause it to come out in irregular bursts.

I believe our emotional “pipes” are much the same. If we suffer emotional pain and don’t allow ourselves a good cry—or at least a period of emotional cleansing—we will contain the trauma, and what we say and do will reflect that. Our grief or pain will sometimes be displayed in irregular bursts of anger or sadness.

There are times we have to let it all out, then get on with God’s business. We can’t do our best to spread the message of His love and eternal hope if we’re bogged down by pains of the past.



  1. Colline said

    Enjoyed the analogy to a broken pipe Charles. It is so true. If we bottle in all the hurt and anger we tend to forget about loving our fellow man and living our lives in a positive way.

  2. Love this Charles, I wrote a piece about how tears cleanse the heart, so especially liked this one by you. God bless.

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