Oh, Woe is Me ~ November 1

Oh, Woe is Me

But only for a little while

A time to mourn…. Ecclesiastes 3:4

Mourning is a necessary thing, and it can be healthy to purge grief from our minds and souls, but it can be harmful if overdone. I sometimes feel my attitude toward loss—especially when dealing with death—may seem callous and unfeeling, but I assure you, it is neither of those things.

When someone passes away, we often make statements about how the departed loved one wouldn’t want us to be sad, and I think the statement is almost always true. I’m sure there are some who would prefer there be a lot of crying and wailing when they leave this world, but I think for the most part, people want to be remembered with admiration, love, and happy thoughts, not sadness, tears, and pain.

When I leave this earth, supposing I am able to look back and see those I’ve left behind, I don’t want to see those I loved crying and sad. No, I want to see them talking about the good times we had and the funny things I said; I want to see them smiling and laughing as they recall the time we spent together. Then, I want them to get on with their lives. Certainly, a brief time of mourning will take place, but life will go on, and I want all those I love to be happy.



  1. Well expressed. 🙂

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