That Was the Day

Many people have a time in their life they can look back on and say, that is the moment that defines me.” I’m no exception, and it’s easy for me to look back in time and say, “Yep. Right then is when my life changed. This the prompt substitute host, Kelley Rose, has given us to work with this week on Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday, and it gave me another opportunity to celebrate a certain someone’s birthday.

Actually, I can’t tell you the day or hour, but the place was San Marcos, Texas, and I had just finished reading a book by Rick Warren, entitled, The Purpose of Christmas. It wasn’t necessarily a great book, but it was a good book with some really great parts. In any case, that was the day I started writing daily encouragements, and it was no-doubt the most defining point of my life.

No… wait a minute; it was before that. I’d say the moment that most defines me and can be said to be the turning point in my life was when I met my wife, Sherry. She definitely came into my life at the right time, and helped to steer me in the right direction.

But… then I guess it actually could have been even before I met Sherry. In fact, it could have been that conversation with Billy Meck when I was about eleven, now that was a turning point, and went a long way toward making me who I am.

Hmmm… no, it was even before that. In fact, I can tell you the exact year, month, day, hour and minute that most defines me, and causes me to be who I’ve come to be. It was at precisely 11:20 PM, on August 1st, 1950, when a beautiful young girl named Wilma (I call her Mom) gave birth to me in Borger, Texas.

Yessir, my Mom raised me with all the love she had within her, and has stood beside me through thick and thin for over 63 years. She continues to “raise me up”, and loves me as unconditionally as is humanly possible. She defines love. She defines me.

Happy birthday, Mom! (Her birthday was actually yesterday, but we’re gonna celebrate every day in November!)

My favorite picture of Mom!

My favorite picture of Mom!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said


  2. Aww, you just earned some major kudo points with that one 🙂 very nice post, most of us have so many great big changes, it’s hard sometimes to pinpoint that exact eureka moment. I applaud your birth, and your wonderful Mum 🙂

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