Some Stones Have Value ~ November 4

Some Stones Have Value

Others are just rocks

And a time to gather them. Ecclesiastes 3:5

Stones are not necessarily bad things; some stones are valuable, while others are, well, just rocks. Even the ones that appear to be just rocks can be used to build fences, houses, and other useful things. I believe this can be said of the personal stones I referred to in yesterday’s writing, too. Some of the stones we’ve gathered in our lives can turn out to be of benefit.

If we view our “stones” as the problems we’ve had and the mistakes we’ve made in our lives, we can use them as examples to ourselves and others on how not to do things or to avoid harmful situations. We can build a fence or shelter from the very things that were initially useless or harmful. In some cases, we will find the stone which once hindered us, can be polished and made into something beautiful and valuable.

The words rock and stone appear in the Bible about 311 times. Several of those times, those words are used to describe Jesus. This tells me rocks and stones are a necessary part of God’s plan, whether they’re for building, use as weapons or tools, or simply to teach us something. There is a time when gathering stones is a necessary and good thing; so when we cast them away, maybe we shouldn’t throw them too far.


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