Bear Hug, Anyone? ~ November 5

Bear Hug, Anyone?

Oh, come on! You know you need one!

A time to embrace…. Ecclesiastes 3:5

Just as there is a season for everything under the sun, there is a time to embrace, and we, too often, allow opportunities for a big ol’ hug to pass us by. I know many times I will be watching Sherry as she sits quietly reading or watching TV, and I will be overwhelmed with love for her. The feeling is often accompanied by the urge to give her a big bear hug and tell her how much I love her. Too many times I don’t act on those feelings, but I think when they come we should act on them. It’s good to let people know how much we care about them at every opportunity.

Letting people know we love them doesn’t have to be done with a physical embrace. We can convey our love with loving words, a smile, and acts of kindness; we can, in effect, embrace them without even being near them. A phone call to someone far away is an embrace of sorts; remember the old “reach-out-and-touch-someone” the phone company made famous years ago.

There is almost always someone in your life that needs a hug, so when the opportunity arises to embrace someone, take the time to do so. Whether it’s with your arms, words, or actions, it will make their day and yours, too.

Bear hug for everyone!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    . . . and you are the BEST hugger!!!

  2. BIGGGGGG Hug for you too! God Bless

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