I’m Blown Away! ~ November 7

I’m Blown Away!

In a good way!

A time to search…. Ecclesiastes 3:6

I did not one day decide it was time for me to seek God and come to know Him more intimately. The simple fact is, God has a plan, I’m part of it, and I believe the same is true of each person reading this message.

My search began long before I actually started searching; or at least, before I knew I was searching. I don’t mean to talk in riddles, but the fact is, if we assess our relationship with God, and try to analyze when and how things transpired, we will not be able to pinpoint when things began or when we gained certain insights and knowledge about God. Maybe that’s not true for some folks, but it definitely is for me.

I’ve often compared my experience learning about God to a whirlwind. Oftentimes, it seems as though my knowledge of Him spirals into loving Him more, and then loving Him more spirals into wanting to know more about Him. It is, as the recently popular saying goes, the perfect storm. Perfect in the sense it’s powerful and blows me away, yet does me no harm.

God knew exactly when my time to search for Him would be, and everything He allowed me to experience in my life was to prepare me for the time when He began to reveal Himself to me. And, yes, I am blown away!


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