Too Much Stuff! ~ November 9

Too Much Stuff!

And, it is NOT junk!

A time to keep…. Ecclesiastes 3:6

When I was a pre-teen, one of my occasional chores was to clean and organize our small storage room. It was amazing what was in the little room; there was stuff in there I couldn’t even identify. I made the mistake once of asking why we kept all that junk (another word for stuff) and received a scathing lecture on the potential value of said stuff (It is NOT junk!). Not thinking before I spoke, I pointed to a rusty piece of metal and asked, “That, too?” Hoo-boy. I was none too bright back then.

I marvel at the massive amount of storage facilities I see in almost every town I pass through. My philosophy is, if you need to rent a storage facility, you’ve got too much stuff. I’m sure there are things we should keep, and there is a time to keep them, but I also believe we should be sensible about what we keep and when we keep it.

One thing I know we should keep, is the love of God in our hearts. If it gets so big you can’t contain it, don’t try to store it…. Give it to those around you. When it comes to God’s love, somebody is always in need of that stuff!


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