Forever Changed

One of my favorite childhood games we played was spin the bottle, and even though I was petrified every time we played it, I still loved it!

I’m not sure my first kiss was from Lisa, but it’s the memory of that spinning bottle, and the fear coursing through a young boy’s brain and body this little ditty is about. The names, the faces, the places… pick your own, and go back when. That’s what I did. Enjoy!

Forever Changed

Bottle spinning, is but a blur

There on the basement floor

All eyes upon it as it slows

Not knowing what’s in store


Was Lisa who set it to spinning

Young goddess with golden hair

Every boy prays, let it stop on me

So a kiss with her I might share


Slower still the pop bottle spins

One last taunting turn then points

My eyes grow wide, I cannot move

Fear has frozen my young joints


Panic takes over my mind then

I’m horrified down to my core

Why am I here, what will I do

I’ve never kissed a girl before


From the circle I jump and shout

No way, I just can’t do it

Lisa gives a wink that says

Calm down, boy, I’ll get you through it


Young lips meet mine a trembling

I WAS skeert!

I WAS skeert!

My life then forever is changed

Fate’s hand upon the bottle spun

My whole world at once rearranged


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

 Sharing this oldie but goodie with dVerse Poets Pub, where Mary wants us to write about Childhood Games We Played. Here’s one about my favorite childhood game! It skeert me to death, but I still loved it!


  1. Charles.. this brought back those memories… yes I have a similar memory (Maria I think it was)… of course life was changed forever..

  2. claudia said

    haha….smiles… we used to play it as well… and there were guys you wished the bottle would stop on you and others…uuuhhhhh… ha – what a weird game it was in a way..smiles

  3. Mary said

    Hi Charles, great to see you! I loved your reflection on “Spin the Bottle.” It definitely could be a life-changing experience for some. Smiles!

    • Good to be in the pub, Mary! Going to be out of pocket again for a few weeks, so y’all keep things down to a steady roar!

  4. smiles…thank goodness we have our ladies to get us through that eh? smiles…i played spin the bottle a few times…or minutes in heaven, when you get shoved in a closet with a girl…well…heh….def games we played…smiles.

    • Now, I never got shoved into a closet with a gal, but I’m quite sure I woulda passed out cold if I had!

  5. Sherry Mashburn said

    Too cute!

  6. Very cool: the spin and the fear and the kiss. Well captured.

  7. wayne karstetter said

    Hey man I loved that! It was Joan and Lisa for me, probably the same bottle lol. Life was nothing but fun then. Thanks my friend.

    • Hey, podnah! Good to hear from ya! I didn’t realize you hung out with Lisa and Joan (there are probably others from the old neighborhood–Diane, Shirley, Pam, to name a few) you probably encountered during those good ol days. That old saying, “the girls in my neighborhood grew up fast” (I’m sure you know the rest) originated in West Valencia, ya know.

  8. shanyns said

    Love this sweet trip down memory lane!

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