Have You Seen My Stuff? ~ November 10

Have You Seen My Stuff?

Me neither!

A time to throw away. Ecclesiastes 3:6

Yep, I’m going to talk about stuff again, because there’s no doubt in my mind there’s definitely a time to throw stuff away. I have an aversion to having excess stuff, and believe if you aren’t going to use it fairly soon, you don’t need to keep it. If you aren’t using something, give it to someone who can, and will, use it.

A few years ago, Sherry and I moved out of a house we’d been living in for nine years. As I began to pack, it became quite apparent to me I’d not done well in the not-keeping-stuff department. There were boxes of stuff in the garage and closets we’d brought from our previous house that we’d never opened. In nine years! We didn’t have time for a garage sale, so we put out the word and gave it all away, and several pickup-loads of stuff were hauled away. I have no doubt most of it is now in their garage with their stuff!

Going to back to yesterday’s message again, one thing we should never throw away is the love and grace God has given us. If we find we have too much of that (not likely), we should share it with our friends and neighbors. Because, as I said yesterday, everybody needs some of that stuff!


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