Bend Me, Shape Me ~ November 12

Bend Me, Shape Me

Any way you want me

And a time to mend. Ecclesiastes 3:7

My life has been comprised of much tearing and mending, and it seems the mending of my spirit is an ongoing process that will continue until this body I inhabit ceases to function. It is said you learn something every day, and I can attest to that. As I read the Bible and write about it, I am amazed. It seems no matter what book, chapter, or verse I read, God reveals Himself to me, and I sense He’s mending me; making me into the person He planned all along I would be.

Why did it take me so long to come to this point in my life of turning to God and saying, “Here I am, make of me what you will”? It not only didn’t hurt when He began to tear the bad from my heart, but it was/is the greatest feeling in the world to feel Him mending me and making me into the person He plans for me to be. The answer to the question of why I waited is, I didn’t, He did. God let me wander in the erstwhile desert, knowing I could not tear my life beyond repair, and when it was time, He would mend me.

Thank you, God.


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