What Time Is It? ~ November 15

What Time Is It?

It’s the right time!

A time to love…. Ecclesiastes 3:8

Isn’t it always a time to love? Does love ever go out of season? I think the answer is, in most instances and with most people, “yes, it is always time to love.” God never stops loving, so nether should we.

God loves each of us individually just as we are, and He wants us to love one another the way He loves us. Too many times, we judge each other based on what we prefer the other person to be, instead of simply loving him or her for the unique and special person they are. If you look at a person with a set of standards they must meet before you can love them, you deny them their originality and personality.

I’ve heard it said when we see fault in another person, the same fault is often present in us. That thought really makes you think, doesn’t it? Well, I’m just going to leave you pondering it…


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