The Cruise ~ Day One ~ I’ll Be Moe

Yesterday, November 16, 2013, we began a nine day trip to celebrate mom’s eightieth birthday. Me, Sherry, Mom, and Ray loaded into the big truck and headed to Houston, where we picked up my brother, Ken and his wife Jackie. They’d flown in the night before, and spent the night at a hotel near the airport.

I was doing the driving, and when we got to Galveston, I had this idea in my head I knew right where the hotel we were staying at Saturday night was located. I must’ve gotten some bad information.

When it became apparent I didn’t have a clue where the hotel was, the cell phones popped out like flashcards in third grade math class, and proved to be almost as helpful. Ken and Ray were riding up front with me, and they both put the address in and began giving me directions (we found out later, Jackie guessed at the address). The problem was, Ray was telling me one thing, and Ken was telling me another. The three ladies in the back were a lot of help, too. Fortunately, Ken finally relented—I think—and Ray’s phone led us to the hotel.

We had a room with a view!

We had a room with a view!

The cherry on top of this fruitcake episode came as we turned down the correct drive ( I took them on a tour of the Golden Corral’s parking lot before finding the entrance to the hotel), and the voice of my mother came from the backseat, “That was like riding with the three stooges.”

It’s gonna be a fun week!



  1. We always have little adventures on our journeys!! Hope the ship’s captain knows where he’s going . . .

  2. Yolanda Madden said

    OMG!! So glad youre going to give us a detail account of this trip. I can assure you all those involved and everyones path yall cross – their lives will forever be changed! hahaha


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