Peace On Earth? ~ November 18

Peace On Earth?

There’s only one way

And a time for peace. Ecclesiastes 3:8

Will we ever know peace? The answer—with relation to peace among men on this earth—is no. I say this based on what I know of men in general, but qualify it with this statement, “Unless God makes it happen.” Left to our own devises, peace on this earth will never happen, but if God has it in His plan to intervene and bring peace to the world, then it will happen.

We can enjoy; the inner peace of God, which He offers us by grace, should we choose to ask for it. But we must ask God to come into our lives, and we must love Him. Those are two of the absolutely necessary steps to obtaining all the things God offers us, including peace.

Peace is the ultimate goal. It’s what awaits us when we leave this earth and begin eternity with God, and it’s also available in this world. It’s available when we make loving God our number one priority, allowing Him to use us to fulfill His greater plan. When we turn ourselves over to Him, trusting Him for all our needs, knowing He will never let us down, we will know true peace.

I love Him. I trust Him. I’m at peace.

If you’re not at peace… It is time!


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