The Cruise ~ Day Two ~ Are We There Yet?

We made it to the boat—or ship—depending on whether you talk to Curly or Larry. Not only do these two not know north from south, they don’t aft from their other end. Problem is, they both think they know everything! Jeesh! All I can say is, it’s a good thing I don’t listen to either one of them.

And, I’ve decided it’s a good thing only eleven of us are taking the cruise; trying to get eleven people to the same place at the same time, on a boat/ship that’s bigger than the subdivision we live in, is extremely difficult. In fact, thus far, it has proven to be impossible.

But, it’s all good, and we’ll figure it out before we get wherever it is we’re going. Which reminds me; this ocean is HUGE! (Curly says it’s not an ocean, it’s a gulf, and I ain’t checked with Larry on the subject.)

Chaos, a lot of walking, and laughs. Lotsa laughs!

Somebody call the Grand Caymans and alert them were on the way!

Actually, I feel more like Curly!

Actually, I feel more like Curly!

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