The Cruise ~ Day Six ~ Did We Get Hair Yet?

I’ve traveled extensively, but only in the U.S., and as any of you who’ve wandered our great land know, there are times when the locals are hard to understand. They tok funny ya know. Lot’s of people on this big boat are from Texas, but I understand them quite easily, and it’s a safe bet you don’t have to ask a person where he/she is from, but rather, what part of Texas are they from.

These shore excursions at the various ports we’re visiting on this cruise are a whole nuther ting, mon. Jamaica was really strange, and it took me a while to figure out the locals were indeed speaking English.

The Grand Caymans—we were there on day six of this adventure—was the same, only different; the people there were fairly easy to understand, but they apparently like to throw a few curves at the tourists.

I’d wandered away from my brother, who’s been an island dweller for 23 years, and y’all know me; I ain’t skeert a much anything, so I continued on my merry way, figurin they’d find me before I could get myself into a jam. What was I thinkin!?

But hey, it actually worked out purty good! I found this place called Hair Now, and thinking I’d get a haircut I went on in. My brother’d been sayin that was hilarious—me getting a haircut—cause there wasn’t but three hairs on my head. He’s got a real sarcastic sense of humor; an inherited trait, I reckon.

Turns out the place wasn’t about cutting hair, it was about getting some (hair). Anyhow, ever ting work out jess fine, y’all.

How ya like me now!

How ya like me now!



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