Don’t Worry! ~ November 24

Don’t Worry!

It’s a waste of time

You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day. Psalm 91:5

Fear is simply another word for worry, and what good has worrying ever done anyone? On the other hand, when we trust in God and know He is our shelter and protector, we will be free from worry and stress. Worry and fear do nothing except keep us from the solution. It goes back to Philippians 4:8, where it says to think on the good things. If we spend our time thinking on good things instead of worrying about the bad things, we will be at peace. When we are at peace, we are better able to see into situations and find solutions. Better yet, when we are at peace and know God is right there with us to help, we are often “given” the answer or solution to the situation.

I’m a part of God’s plan, and until my part is completed, no terror of night or arrow of day can harm me. He says it is so!

God is our protector. Fear nothing!

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