Don’t Get Sacked! ~ November 25

Don’t Get Sacked!

Stay behind your offensive line

If you make the Most High your dwelling—even the Lord, who is my refuge—then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. Psalm 91:9-10

If we remain in the protective shelter and shadow of the Lord, nothing can harm us, because no one is more powerful than God? When our life is dedicated to loving Him and serving His will and plan, we are under his protective wings.

I’m reminded of the huge NFL linemen whose job it is to protect the quarterback. These men are huge and fast, and when five of them line up shoulder to shoulder, a normal person would think it impossible to get to the quarterback. But then there are the defensive linemen, linebackers, and backs that are usually faster than, and almost as big as, the offensive linemen. They devise “plays” to get around the offensive linemen, and using their tricks, speed, and agility, sometimes penetrate and “sack” the quarterback before he is able to throw the ball.

God is our offensive line, and no one—not even Satan—can trick Him, outrun Him, or in any way get through Him to the quarterback (that’d be you and me).



  1. Raivenne said

    As a NFL fan this analogy is perfect, Charles. *stretches arms skyward palms facing in* And it’s good!

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