The Cruise ~ Day Eight ~ A New Day!

When we left Cozumel, the sea was a bit rough; maybe not so to the seasoned sailor/cruiser, but to us landlubbers, it was mighty bumpy. The previous nights, we were gently rocked to sleep, but on this one, some of us were holding on to something as we bumped and thumped toward home.

Seasoned (or was it pickled) sailors!

Seasoned (or was it pickled) sailors!

We’d had a few mishaps, one of which was directly related to the rockin boat, and others of the plain ol’ garden variety. Rumor is, Christian’s been grounded (from the pool, which is the worst thing the young lad could ever imagine). I can’t imagine a worst fate, but I’m sure it will be lifted soon, and he’ll make up for lost time.

But, as to the title of this piece, I just asked Sherry what day this was and though the day of the week she answered was correct, I told her, “No, it’s a new one. The things of yesterday are gone—history—and we get to start over today.”

And that’s the way it should be every day. There will be bad times and good times, but we can’t enjoy today if we’re hangin onto the day before.

The cruise is almost over, but the fun is gonna go on forever, starting with Ken and Jackie (Their children, Connor and Taryn will join us later this week) spending a week with us at our home in Trinity.

Life is just one long cruise! Greet each day of it with a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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