The Cruise ~ Day Nine ~ Post Partyun Depression

I don’t know about the rest of my mates (that’s cruise talk for family and friends traveling together), but as we went through the final gyrations of the seven-day cruise, I was a bit depressed. We steamed along at full speed for seven days, then it seemed it was suddenly over. Goodbyes were sprinkled with hopeful we’ll-see-ya-again-soons, tempered with wondering if that were true. I tagged these mixed emotions as post partyun depression.

Ray Brown, wastin away at Margaritaville!

Ray Brown, wastin away at Margaritaville!

But when we finally walked in the front door of our home the relief was palpable! It seems like we’ve been gone forever, and home never looked so good in spite of the frigid temperatures! It’s hard to believe we spent the past week in tropical heat, looking for shade on crowded decks and streets.

The frigid temperatures I mention are a bit out of the norm for East Texas; the high today is supposed to be about forty!, and the low tomorrow morning will be in the twenties! I ain’t got the clothes to be goin out there!

And one more thing: This was our first cruise, and I’m wondering when it stops feeling like the boat is rockin! I’m tellin ya, I’ll all of a sudden feel like I’m swaying side to side, and when the central heat comes on, it eerily reminds me of how the big engines on the cruise ship sounded when we were in our cabin, too.

And as for the mention of depression, y’all know me well enough to know I ain’t depressed. We’re only half way through this celebration, and the good times are gonna continue to roll. (I do hope the boat quits rockin, though!)

I’ll check back in tomorrow!

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