The Cruise ~ Day Seven~ Wilma!

We’ve been cuttin up and actin a fool for most of this trip, but lest anyone get the wrong idea, the main purpose of this cruise is to celebrate the two lovely ladies in this picture.

Two cruisin sisters!

Two cruisin sisters!

Mom/Wilma—the birthday gal—is the redhead, and the other beauty is her sister, my Aunt Doris. Ada, their other sister couldn’t join us for the cruise, and it sure woulda been nice had she been able to be with us.

But, hey, two outta three ain’t bad, and two outta this three is a purty good handful anyhow. All the sisters are feisty and fun, and I’d say it’s a tossup as to which might be the leader of their pack. They’ve kept us all laughing and smiling for the past week, and I’m sure day eight—the last day of this wonderful trip—will be no different.

On the other end of this family spectrum, we have young Christian (he’s ten, gonna be eleven soon), who proclaims this cruise to be the best birthday present ever. I don’t have a picture of him, because he’s consistently faster than the shutter, and the photos of him come out blurred, or completely empty. When we try to take photos of Christian, we wind up with pictures without people in them, or full of people we don’t know.

We’re cruising for home now, and I hear it’s rainy and cold in Texas. That’s gonna be a shock to the system!

I might have to check into getting a job for the winter on one a these boats.


(Sorry for the time lapse in posting the rest of our trip. There was an Internet glitch on the boat, and I was out of touch for a couple days! I’ll be making another post sometime this morning.)

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