The Cruise ~ Day Ten ~ Rookie Mistakes

I spent most of day ten in the kitchen, but Ken remained on vacation. He’s one of the hardest workin guys I know, but when he clocks out, he clocks out!

Off the clock, and kickin back!

Off the clock, and kickin back!

He did get some exercise riding the stationary bike in the sunroom; the poor bike is getting a lot of use, due to the forty-degree temps and rain outside. The sun is supposed to come out today, though it’s gonna remain cold, so maybe we’ll be able to get some good walks in. I have hopes we can get a round of golf in sometime this week, too, so I can get back at Ken and Ray for the domino game.

Can y’all believe these two would mistreat the cook? They talked me into playin a game I “might” have played once before, then pummeled and ridiculed me the entire time. Mom and Jackie participated in the pummeling, but they were real nice about it.

Hey. It’s all good. I learned a long time ago, it’s no use to get mad; just get even. And now, I’m wondering… if the magic ingredient I put in the pizza has kicked in yet.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!

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