The Cruise ~ Day Eleven ~ Good Grief!

Another day in the kitchen and at the domino table. Made an awesome apricot cobbler, messed up a batch of almond joy whatchacallits, cooked a great casserole for dinner, and got thrashed at the domino table again. Those guys show no mercy to this rookie dominoer. (<— new word)

But the highlight of the day was snow in east Texas. Yep, it snowed for about an hour, but never stuck to the ground. Biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen, too! But then, this IS Texas!

This is how snow affects me!

This is how snow affects me!


It appears the weather is a bit frightening all over the country, and we’re hoping Taryn and Connor’s flights aren’t affected. They’re both students at different Florida universities, but their flights originate in the northeast.

Ken sent Taryn a video of the snow, and I can’t repeat what her response to it was. She’s like her Uncle Chuck, I reckon; I don’t do snow!

Have a great holiday!

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