I Am Strong ~ December 22

I Am Strong

When I am on His shoulders

They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion. Psalm 84:7

On our journey toward heaven, we progress from each of the strengths and helps God gives us until at last we are with Him for eternity. He quenches our thirst, gives us strength, and raises us up onto His mighty shoulders as He leads us home to Him. He is our strength, our rain, our fortress each step along the way.

I marvel at the simplicity of God. Man has done all he can do to complicate Him and place Him just beyond our outstretched arms. Men try to convince one another they are not worthy to be in God’s presence, and all the while God is holding His hand out to us and inviting us to come to Him. He wants nothing more than to love and be loved

There is no magic, no formula, no program; we simply have to let go and allow God to live in us and through us. His strength—His awesome love—is within easy reach, and we need not strain and work to pull ourselves up to where He is. His hand is stretched toward us, and all we have to do is lay our hand in His, look into His wonderful face, be filled with His love, and let Him lift us up.

It is so very simple.


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