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It’s All in the Details ~ December 23

It’s All in the Details

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I Am Strong ~ December 22

I Am Strong

When I am on His shoulders Read the rest of this entry »

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Let it Rain!

Rain is often used to illustrate things in the Bible, and it can be a good thing, or sometimes it can be a bad thing. In the overall scheme of things though, rain is a necessity, and it’s needed to fill our lakes and rivers and wells, because water is essential to our survival.

God will provide for our every need in all situations, and He will never let us down. He gives us strength, and will always provide us physical and spiritual sustenance any time we need it.

let it rain

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You Raise Me Up

Pilgrimage is defined as traveling to a shrine or holy place. When we seek to be near the Lord, we seek to be close to Him, and there is no holier place.

I’m reminded of the song, “You Raise Me Up”, in which there is a line, “And I am strong when I am on your shoulders; you raise me up to more than I can be.”

When a child sits astride their father’s shoulders, there is often a look of wonder in the child’s eyes as he or she surveys the world from a position high above the one they normally occupy. When I ask Him to, God carries me on His shoulders and allows me to see, to be, and to do more than I ever dreamed I could. I am in awe of His strength and the depth of His love.

on a pilgrimage

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Like a Snowball Rolling Downhill ~ December 19

Like a Snowball Rolling Downhill

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The World is Wonderful!

When we’re in God’s presence, the world is right and good and full of peace and love. Unfortunately, we often allow ourselves to be snatched from God’s presence and thrown into the turmoil of the world. We can be riding peacefully on the merry-go-round of God’s love and goodness, and suddenly the bully of bullies—Satan—gives it a tremendous shove, and we find ourselves spinning wildly out of control hanging on for dear life.

God is always with us, and if we focus on Him, He will slow the spinning and make things clear. If we ride this earthly ride with the love and faith of God in our hearts, the experience can be one of enjoyment rather than one of frightening intensity.

Philippians 4 6-7



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Enjoy the Ride!

I often think of heaven and wonder what it will be like, but as I grow closer to God and better understand His awesome love for us, I begin to realize we can have heaven here on earth. Not the complete and wonderful version of it we will experience when we actually get there, but the earthly version. By God’s gift of grace, we can live at peace with this world which often seems to be spinning wildly out of control.

merry go roundOftentimes we feel as though life is overwhelming us, and we are clinging to the cold steel bar of a merry-go-round spinning way too fast. Sometimes, it feels as though victory is nothing more than surviving the ride. But to use one of my favorite terms, we shouldn’t intend to merely survive, we should expect to thrive.

God is the handle we must hang onto. And, amazingly, when we cling to Him, the ride will begin to slow, and the things whirring blurrily past will come into focus. The ride will become fun and something to be enjoyed, rather than merely survived.

Accept God’s love, learn to live within it. Enjoy this awesome ride!

My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. Psalm 84:2

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Go Outside and Play!

I read about a well-known evangelist who talked of his tour in Vietnam when he was a young man. A devout believer even then, he spoke of how he was able to go through his tour of duty without fear. His belief was the worst that could happen was death, and if it did happen, he’d get to go to heaven and be with Jesus. I agree with his way of thinking.

here for a reason

Personally, it works well for me to keep my eyes, thoughts, and heart on God, knowing I will one day be with Him forever. Setting our sights on heaven makes earth much more enjoyable.

When we were kids, Mom would say, “You can go outside and play as soon as you finish cleaning your room.” God has a plan for each of us, and when we’ve done our part, we get to go be with Him. So keep cleaning (no hiding things under the bed!) and one day we will arrive at the loveliest of dwelling places—God’s place.

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty!          Psalm 84:1

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If It Sounds Too Good ~ December 15

If It Sounds Too Good

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If It Sounds Fine…

fine sounding arguments (2)

“Fine-sounding arguments” have been around for quite some time, it seems. The big difference between the fine-sounding arguments of today and those of the past is today’s are heard instantly, by almost everyone. An opinion cannot be uttered without being instantly broadcast to the masses via radio, television, and the Internet, and just as instantly, arguments for and against said opinion are available to all.

There’s something missing in the “news” and information we receive so instantaneously these days: wisdom and knowledge. Too much of this instant information we are bombarded with is simply one person’s opinion. With regard to religion, opinions are usually based on two things; translation and interpretation.

We must seek God on a one-on-one basis, allowing Him, though His word, to impart to us His wisdom and knowledge. It is through His revelation knowledge we will come to an understanding as to what His role in our life will be. We should welcome and seek sound doctrine, while remaining alert for “fine-sounding” arguments. Satan will use many methods and mediums in his effort to confuse and discourage us. Do not be deceived.

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