That’s Snot Funny!

Sadly, in this good-is-bad world we live in, it has become almost fashionable to lie. Successful deception is not only accepted, but applauded, and afflicting pain on another, or watching someone else do it, is considered entertainment. Reality shows are too often about greed and cheating, and the producers of the shows are not entirely to blame. They’re in business to make money, and they produce what the public will watch.

One show which could be said to be the father of “reality” television is America’s Funniest Videos. When it first began, or so it seems to me, it was funny, and the clips shown were of things from everyday life where, to coin a phrase, “No persons were harmed in the making of this video.” Today’s version of the show is a non-stop showing of one clip after the other wherein someone is hurt or filmed doing something gross. And, America laughs.

The predominant theme with regard to someone getting hurt seems to be a guy getting whacked in the jewels. I’ve yet to see one of the whack-ees laughing, and know from experience it ain’t even a little bit funny. I have to wonder why anyone would want to watch such a painful incident occur, and what in the world it was about it that amused them.

I saw a clip not long ago in which a young bride was citing her heartfelt wedding vows. The part that was supposed to be funny was the string of watery stuff hanging from her nose as she tearfully and lovingly poured her heart out to her new husband. I’m sorry, but that’s snot funny. frowning mime

That’s all. Just wanted to give y’all something to talk about this morning. Carry on!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Exactly why I dislike reality shows!

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