Envy With Green

Many of us tend to always think the grass is greener in the neighbor’s yard. Well, I can tell you of a time when I didn’t have to worry about that, and it was NOT fun!

Envy With Green


My thumb ain’t green

My yard is though

And that’s good enough

For this ol’ country boy


I bought this new house, ya see

The lawn was up to me

And I figured it was my chance

To do it up right for once


The grass was always greener

In ALL the neighbor’s yards

So I planted some good seed

And as it grew

I fertilized… then fertilized…

then fertilized some more


When it come time to cut it

I kinda regretted that extra fertilizing

Oh, the grass was green and lush

Nobody could argue that

But it was so doggone thick

I could hardly mow it


Bigger, shinier, greener, & all that

Well, it ain’t always better

Sometimes the cost

(And I ain’t just talkin’ dollars)

Is more than we can afford


Seems to me we needs be content

Which is mentioned purty often

In the Good Book

Think it says we shouldn’t covet

Lawns, wives, TVs, cars, & such

Or something like that

Says the man upstairs will always provide


I gotta believe it’s so House reflection

Cause these days I got ‘bout all I need and…

I got a peaceful easy feeling

And I know He won’t let me down

‘Cause I’m already standing

On the greenest lawn in town


Copyright © 2014 C Mashburn


Sharing this little true story with the good folks at dVerse Poets Pub. Tonight be their 128th Open Link Night!



  1. Truedessa said

    Enjoyed this one Charles..the last two lines are beautiful..

    • Thank you! Those last lines are a slightly altered version of lines from the 1972 hit by the Eagles, “Peaceful Easy Feelin'”

  2. ha. i def dont covet lawns. lol. oy it will be mowing time again soon…i dont mind it…i look at it like a meditation…green will be nice too since its all kinda wet and mushy right now…

    • The poem is based on a true hapnin back in my younger days, Brian. I like to keep a healthy yard and love flowers and plants, but I gots no envy ’bout anyone else’s stuff–yard or otherwise! Thanks for the visit and comment!

  3. Sherry Mashburn said

    Gotta keep the peaceful, easy feelin’

  4. Heidi said

    The toils of a beautiful lawn. My grass is green, with clover and moss. Any suggestions on how to get rid of clover aside from tearing it up and starting over again?

    • I’m about as far from an expert as you can get, Heidi. I’d suggest doing a search on the internet. Clover should be easy to get rid of with weed & feed, but do some research or consult a professional before you put any kind “killer’ on your lawn. Moss? Where do you live??
      Thanks for the visit!

      • Heidi said

        Just thought I’d ask. Clover is a pain in my..well you know. lol Weed and feed does not kill it. I live in Washington State. We have to take vitamin D here because we don’t get enough sun apparently. Unfortunately the moss loves it!! Wonderful poem! 🙂

      • My son lives in Cashmere. I lived in the Seattle/Tacoma area for about eight years in the 80s. The situation in the poem actually took place when I bought a house in Graham.

  5. poetrypea said

    Oh the lawn I have now is probably the worst I’ve ever had, but I love it, not worrying about the weeds is such a relief. Loved the language in your verse.

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