Don’t Say You Love Someone ~ January 16

Don’t Say You Love Someone

If it’s only make believe

He that loves not knows not God; for God is love. 1John 4:8

What if God was only kidding when He said He loves us unconditionally and would never leave us nor forsake us? What if He was just using us for His own pleasure and planned to simply toss us aside when He was finished with us?

Unfortunately, the world we reside in is evolving to a point where a use-them-up-then-toss-them-aside kind of love is not only accepted, but applauded. Marriage is no longer considered a forever thing, in fact, it isn’t even considered necessary. And these days, as it says in the song, people seem to be thinking, “What’s love got to do with it?”

When I was a young man, I decided there was no such thing as love, and it was just a word used to describe a pie-in-the-sky ideal a romance novel writer dreamed up. I think the reality is I didn’t understand it, so I denied its existence. I was doing the same thing with God. I was confused and thought if I couldn’t understand, I could simply claim they weren’t real

Fortunately for me, Jesus had already taken my sins upon Himself, and He did so because love and God are real, and all the what-ifs in the universe can’t change that.

I still don’t fully comprehend love—or God—but I know for a fact both are real, and I get closer every day to the full understanding of them.


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