No Matter What

To my way of thinking, there is no greater prize, nothing more valuable, than inner peace. It is my firm belief it can be had by only one method. I wish you peace.

No Matter What


He has delivered my soul in peace

From the battle that was against me

And there were many against me (Psalms 55:18)


Sometimes, it seems as though

The whole world is against us


I never saw him at peace

The man who raised me and ranted

How persons, or groups of them

Were out to get him

And life just wasn’t fair


Unfortunately, his ways

Rubbed off on me

And much of my life

I fought against a world

I perceived to be unfair

And I had no peace within my soul


It was not on one sudden day

I learned how to be at peace

Nor did I suddenly devise

A battle plan to defeat my foes

God delivered me from my enemies

Many of them imaginary

And delivered His peace unto my soul


That’s not to say

I am now in a constant state of it

But I will say, I am learning

To let go of things

More readily than I once did

Turning to Him for relief

From the battles

Whether perceived or real

Of this world


It is an addicting thing peaceful scenery

The more I have of it

The more of it I want

And the best part is

It is always available

For the asking


No matter what

Keep peace within your soul


Copyright © 2014 C Mashburn


Sharing this on dVerse Poets Pub’s “Open Link Night #130”. You can also listen to yours truly recite it by clicking here: No Matter What


  1. Mary said

    This is a very inspiring write here, Charles. I do think after a time we keep our eyes on what is important and learn to let some of the lesser important stuff go. It sometimes is hard to unlearn the examples set by parents….but it is good that you were able to accomplish it. I agree that turning to Him is important. I am right there with you in that, Charles.

  2. Truedessa said

    I think it is hard to break our learned allow ourselves
    to view life with fresh eyes. The last two lines are so powerful and the most important lesson we can learn. “Keep peace within your soul” That
    is always my goal.

    • I’m convinced it should be our only goal. All else will fall into place when we let go and let God. Let go, and let God = peace.
      Thank you for the thought-filled comment!

  3. Yes, like an endless fount, grace overflows. Peace.

    • Grace! It comes with a full serving of peace. I love it!
      Thanks for the great comment, Todd!

  4. rosross said

    Poignant, profound and painful.

  5. You really capture it.. The anger of blaming all on once enemies – yes that was my raging father… Some of probably rubbed of on me to…

  6. this is a story i know all too well charles….its as if you read my life the last couple days…the computer crashing yesterday was the last straw and i rather sulked a bit…most of the day…how unfair…but…smiles.

    • I was wondering where you were. And, I hear ya bout the computer crashing thing. For folks who use them as much as we do, that can be devastating, and infuriating, and, by gosh, somebody is out to get us!!
      Glad you’re back on line, Brian. Thanks for the visit and comment!

  7. billgncs said

    Let it be so. Something to be thought over and over.

  8. Oh, your title caught me right away!!

    I had said this, “…more serendipity, I love it…with a warmed heart, I do.” To a friend yesterday and this was her response, “May you always have that warmed heart, no matter what.” So when I saw your title I did a double take and then to think on it further…I think coincidences are more than coincidences often…maybe a way of bringing a message home again…perhaps.

    Your poem response and thoughts on peace and battles speaks so clearly…I love the part about the imagined wars…yes, so true.

    I’m going to carry this with me…a reminder not to loose my peace, no matter what.

    “No matter what

    Keep peace within your soul”

    Thank you, Charles.

    • I love it when that happens; I do double takes quite often these days. 🙂
      Thank you for the awesome comment, Hannah. I often repeat that I am as (maybe more) encouraged by the writing of encouragements and other articles and poems than those who read them. Comments like yours lift me up and make me smile!

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