Precious Memories ~ February 1

Precious Memories

How they linger

Test all things; hold fast that which is good. 1Thessalonians 5:21

Why is it we tend to remember the bad things we’ve done, or the bad things that have happened, instead of remembering the good things? We often allow our past failures and mistakes to live large in the present, and they keep us from moving toward our hopes and goals, when we can just as easily dwell on the things we’ve done right—the good stuff.

Instead of allowing bad memories to dominate our thoughts, we should dwell on the good things and allow them to inspire us and fuel our dreams. If we make a list of the good things we’ve done—the successes in our lives—and focus on them, we will be encouraged. And don’t give me that line about not having any good stuff to dwell on; I used that one up a long time ago.

Dreams are for the future, nightmares are of the past, and today is made of hope. Hope is defined as looking forward to something, expecting it to happen. The key words being, forward and expecting. If we spend too much of our time looking back, we will miss the good things God has laid before us.

We should dwell on our most precious memories, allowing them to linger in our hearts as we go through our day. They are like seeds that will burst open and grow, giving us hope for tomorrow.


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